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Issue 57, July 1993

The new authoritarianism

From Angola and Cambodia to Bosnia and Russia, the West is putting its foot down today. Everywhere, Western intervention stands exposed as a denial of democracy. And these new anti-democratic trends in international politics are now threatening to spill over into our domestic affairs.

This month's Living Marxism highlights the advance of the new authoritarianism around the world and within the West itself. It is one more example of the militarisation of international politics - and another argument for supporting the anti-war initiatives in July and August.
4 Editorial

6 Letters

9 Timex: turning back the clock? Angus Kane

10 Pensioners mugged by men in suits Andrew Calcutt

13 Ann Bradley

14 Why they love a good war crime Sharon Clarke

16 Yugoslavia: how the West has won Joan Phillips

18 Row follows race murders Kate Lawrence

20 Recolonising Africa Barry Crawford

22 So long, Angola Charles Longford

23 Towards 2000

28 Who killed Cambodia? Helene Gold

31 Forget glasnost Theresa Clarke

32 The great royal non-debate Penny Robson

34 Public spending: a fix for the system Phil Murphy

37 Toby Banks

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books

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