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Issue 56, June 1993

Our Yugoslav peace plan

1 Get the West out: Western intervention has been the primary cause of the conflict; it cannot be the solution (see page 20).

2 Expose imperialism: The most practical contribution we can make today is to expose the fraudulent propaganda used to justify intervention, and publicise the militaristic motives now hidden behind the humanitarian language of Western governments (see pages 16 and 26).

3 Appeal to the East: At the same time we must attempt to convince the peoples of the former Stalinist world that looking to the West to solve their problems will only make everything worse.
4 Editorial

6 Letters

8 Ragga and the silent race war Kate Lawrence

10 Crack scare in Nottingham Joanne Hayes

13 Ann Bradley

14 Police torture in the USA Christian Parenti

16 When peace means war Pat Roberts

20 Bosnia: a mess made in the West Joan Phillips

23 The diplomatic circus Joan Phillips

24 Towards 2000

26 Left, right, left, right Mike Freeman

30 South Africa: funeral for freedom Charles Longford

32 No peace for Palestine Daniel Nassim

33 Toby Banks

34 Recession over - slump continues Phil Murphy

37 What's wrong with a job for life? Andrew Calcutt

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books



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