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Issue 55, May 1993

The need for a new ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT

For some time now, Living Marxism has argued that militarism is the number one problem of our times, and pointed to the dangers of Western intervention everywhere from Somalia to Yugoslavia.

This is a theme which we will be pursuing even more purposefully in the months ahead, putting the case for a new anti-war movement to oppose the militaristic trends in world politics today.

There are three new anti-militarist initiatives which we are asking Living Marxism readers to support.

The pamphlet: The Empire Strikes Back by Mike Freeman, is out now. It draws together the key themes developed in Living Marxism over the past four years, and lays the political foundation for a new anti-war movement.

The conference: Discussion at the week-long Towards 2000 conference in July will focus on the theme 'Where will the West strike next?' (see page 10).

The demonstration: On Saturday 7 August in London, the Campaign Against Militarism and the Irish Freedom Movement are organising a national demonstration and festival against militarism and Western intervention.

For further information on any of these, you can phone (071) 278 9908.
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