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Issue 54, April 1993

Slump special

This month's Living Marxism focuses on the continuing crisis in the economy - and its dire consequences for working people.

We ask Britain's economics experts how they see the prospects for recovery. And our own experts explain why they don't see the slump coming to an end.

We also go beyond the debate about statistics, to look at the human cost of the capitalist slump which is being borne by millions. Mass unemployment is one consequence; we examine how it is now being blamed on the jobless themselves. Welfare spending cuts are another; we show how the cuts are being disguised by such policies as 'Care in the Community' and the Child Support Act.

Finally we reveal some links between the slump in the economy and the dangerous rise of militarism. It seems like the sound of gunfire is the only boom we can expect for the foreseeable future.

4 Editorial

6 Letters

8 Breaking the selective silence Joan Phillips

11 Ann Bradley

12 Is the recovery coming? We ask the experts

16 The Great Jobs Fraud Sharon Clarke

18 From Hoover to Leyland-DAF: responses to redundancy Ian Scott and Kirk Williams

20 Who cares in the community? Fiona Foster

22 Behind the Child Support Act Debra Warner

24 Welcome to the workfare state Kate Lawrence

27 Scams for slump survival Andrew Calcutt

28 The slump is here to stay Phil Murphy

32 Britain's war economy Helen Simons

35 Toby Banks

36 What's in store before 1994?

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books



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