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Issue 52, February 1993

No gags on the gutter press

At the time of writing there is much heated debate about the Calcutt Report on press freedom, Labour MP Clive Soley's privacy bill, and various proposals for more control of the press. Living Marxism would like to make clear that we are against all such controls, whether they be statutory, voluntary or whatever.

We do not care how many embarrassing revelations the Sun, the Mirror, the Star and the rest publish about members of the royal family or government ministers. Our only objection to such tabloid journalism is that too much of it is about their boring sex lives, and it does not go far enough in exposing the corruption, scandal and lies at the centre of public life.

Of course, these papers also publish poison about ordinary people. But there's no point expecting judges or press commissioners to save us from that. Any restrictions on who can publish what will be used to protect the rich and powerful, and to clamp down on critical coverage.

The British media is already so tamely conservative and unquestioning of those in authority that it's hard to see why they would want to censor it. The last thing we need is more controls on the press. Let's have everything out in the open, where we can see who's dirty and argue our case for a clean-out.

The message from Living Marxism is: Hands off the Sun!

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