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Issue 51, January 1993

The West doesn't know best

As we go to press American troops are landing in Somalia, and there are fresh calls for a similar military operation in Bosnia. From Africa to Eastern Europe, the consensus today is that Western intervention can solve the world's problems. But it cannot.

Intervention by the Western powers cannot be a solution to today's global crises, because it is the primary cause of them. From Somalia through Iraq to Bosnia, the current crises result from the way in which the West uses other peoples' lives as pawns in its own great power games.

That is the message of this month's Living Marxism . It is also the message of our Manifesto Against Militarism, which was launched in style at the Hot Wars and Holocausts conference in London in November.

More than a thousand people from around the country gathered for two days of timely discussion on the problems of the New World Order. At the end, they voted unanimously to endorse the Manifesto Against Militarism. Now the urgent task is to spread the word against Western intervention.

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