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Issue 50, December 1992

This is the fiftieth issue of Living Marxism.

When we launched the magazine in November 1988, the general opinion was that it wouldn't last six months. Within 12 months, the Berlin Wall came down and everybody agreed that Marxism was dead.

Four years on, Living Marxism has proved them wrong, surviving and even thriving in an environment that has seen many older left-wing publications wilt and die.

There are two reasons why Living Marxism has made it to 50. The first is you, our readers, who have been prepared to go against the grain and back the magazine. The second is that Living Marxism has given you a good incentive to support us, by getting it right about every important development of the past four years.

This fiftieth issue contains some important arguments about developments in British politics That is a theme which provides an impressive illustration of our record.

At the end of 1990, when John Major replaced Margaret Thatcher as prime minister, many relieved people believed that things must now get better. On the contrary, Living Marxism said, 'life under the Major government is going to get even worse than it was under Margaret Thatcher' (January 1990).

When the media commentators finally cottoned on to the fact that we were right, they decided that the recession meant Major's Tories could not win the 1992 general election. On the contrary, argued Living Marxism, 'whenever the general election is, one thing now seems certain; the Labour Party cannot win it' (October 1991).

When the election results proved us right again, the pundits swung to the other extreme and declared that, after four consecutive election wins, the invincible Tories had scaled fresh heights of authority. Wrong again, said Living Marxism, 'there are far worse times ahead for the one-party rulers of bankrupt Britain. The new Major government has to manage a historic capitalist slump without any policies of substance or any sense of where it is going' (May 1992). Were we right or were we right?

If you want to stay ahead, you cannot afford to miss the next 50 issues of Living Marxism. And the best way to afford them is to take out a subscription.

In the meantime, thanks for your support, and have a happy holiday.
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Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler
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