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Issue 48, October 1992

Living Marxism gets it wrong!

Over the four years since Living Marxism was launched, it has prided itself on being the magazine that is always right.

We were right about the illusory character of the 'peace dividend'. We were right about the distortions behind the Aids panic. We were right about the recession turning into a full-scale slump. We were right about Labour's inability to win the general election.

However, for the first time, we have published something that has been proved wrong.

In the September issue of Living Marxism, we announced that the weekend conference on the New World Order which we are sponsoring in November would be on a certain date at a certain London venue. But it won't be.

The organisers have since decided that that venue is too small, judging by the amount of interest already expressed in the Hot Wars and Holocausts weekend. To get somewhere larger, they have had to change the conference dates as well.

We're very sorry. But we hope it will happen again.

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