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Issue 47, September 1992

Sick Ideas

The health promotion campaigns of recent years have depicted disease as the wages of sin, and turned medicine into a quasi-religious moral crusade, argues Dr Michael Fitzpatrick
--page 26

4 Editorial: No Western Solution

6 Letters

8 Bosnia: the invention of a Holocaust Joan Phillips

12 Germany: another Nuremberg trial Rob Knight

14 Playing the Holocaust card Daniel Nassim

17 Ann Bradley

18 Economy: do they have an alternative? Phil Murphy

21 Toby Banks

22 South Africa: problems and solutions Charles Longford

24 Conference: Hot Wars and Holocausts

26 The dangers of healthy living Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

31 The abuse of alcohol concern Karen Gold

32 Teenage pregnancy and the Tories Anne Burton

35 Female condoms and scrotal slings Bernadette Walsh

36 A democratic Africa? Barry Crawford

37 Third world debt: the forgotten disaster Daniel Nassim

38 Living: 43 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

44 The Marxist Review of Books



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