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A weekend of discussion sponsored by Living Marxism Organised by the Revolutionary Communist Party at the LSE

Hot Wars and Holocausts- understanding the New World Order

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November 1992
London School of Economics, London, WC2

When the Cold War ended, the triumphant leaders of the West promised us a New World Order. Today we can begin to see what that means.

We have already witnessed the Gulf War that killed a quarter of a million Iraqis. Now we face the threat of a new Western war effort in Bosnia, while US forces exercise again on the Kuwait/Iraq border.

At home, the Western states are waging a race war against immigrants from the third world and the East. And they are developing a new generation of hi-tech weapons of mass destruction.

While fighting the hot wars of today and making war plans for the future, the Western authorities are also rewriting the conflicts of the past. The renewed debates about the Second World War and the Holocaust are part of the process of rehabilitating more right-wing views. The ideas of national supremacy and racial inferiority look set to become the politics of the New World Order.

The irony is that, at a time when the Western powers are becoming more militaristic on every front, many who would once have criticised the USA and Britain for their aggressive foreign policies now look to further Western intervention as the solution to crises from the Gulf to the Balkans.

It is time that these confusions were cleared up, and that those who want peace and freedom got to grips with the true causes of conflict today.

Since Living Marxism was launched in November 1988, we have continually warned against the false promise of a stable new world.

We suggested that the post-Cold War 'peace dividend' was illusory, and that the real trend being set by the Western powers was towards more militarised international relations.

We argued that the post-Cold War promise of 'One World', free from divisions, was turning the truth on its head; that the conflicts between the West and the rest of the world, and among the Great Powers themselves, would intensify as the old order unravelled.

We believe that Living Marxism's warnings have proved justified, and that grave dangers lie ahead. Now there is a need to go further in analysing how and why the world is being remade, if we are to equip ourselves to have more of a say in the outcome. That is why Living Marxism is sponsoring a weekend of discussion and debate on the New World Order in November.

The conference aims to bring together writers from Living Marxism with other leading experts and authorities on international affairs, for a ground-breaking discussion of all the key new trends in current events:
  • from the renewed debate about the Holocaust to the demonisation of Iraq and Serbia;
  • from the destruction of the third world to the construction of Fortress Europe;
  • from the revival of racial thinking to the outbreak of fresh power struggles among the USA, Europe, and Japan.
We invite you to join the discussion.

Reproduced from Living Marxism issue 47, September 1992



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