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Issue 46, August 1992

Hands Off the Balkans Committee

As the Western powers prepare to step up their intervention in Bosnia, there is a growing consensus in Britain that this is the only way to 'save those people from themselves'. Yet the reality is that, as argued in this issue of Living Marxism, Western interference has already exploded the conflict among the former Yugoslav republics, and further intervention can only make things worse.

To counter Western propaganda of the sort which has tried to demonise the Serbs, and to oppose any moves to send in outside forces, Living Marxism has backed the setting up of a Hands Off the Balkans Committee in London. It is open to all those who want to take a stand against the Western powers' New World Order, which has already destroyed Iraq and is now targeting the peoples of the Balkans.

4 Editorial

6 Letters

10 An incoherent rage Frank Richards

13 Irving and Goebbels Sharon Clarke

14 Yugoslavia: Who's to blame? Joan Phillips

18 Inside the ex-Soviet Union Rob Matthews

19 Ann Bradley

20 The truth about the Birmingham Aids panic Dr Michael Fitzpatrick and Ian Scott

24 March for Irish freedom

26 The Irish War in the New World Order Phil Murphy

29 Toby Banks

30 The law on trial John Fitzpatrick

34 Coventry's anti-youth culture Andrew Calcutt

37 Policing the public Tessa Myer

38 Living: 43 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

44 The Marxist Review of Books
  • Enemy of the people - John Kenneth Galbraith's The Culture of Contentment has been widely reviewed as an attack on modern capitalism. Phil Murphy sees it more as a defence of old-fashioned capitalism against the modern masses
  • Nicholas Ridley - the novel - A Thatcherite polemic masquerading as a political thriller is Daniel Nassim's verdict on Robert Harris' Fatherland



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