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Issue 44, June 1992

In this month's Living Marxism...

The real dependency culture

While the American authorities try to blame the Los Angeles riots on a criminal black 'underclass', the British establishment seeks to pin responsibility for social problems over here on Britain's own 'underclass' of shiftless urban poor. The new transatlantic consensus is that over-generous government handouts to the needy have created a 'dependency culture' which breeds sloth and crime.

In this month's Living Marxism, we expose the real dependency culture in British society: the way in which the state props up the profits of big business, and the wealthy are subsidised by the financial system. From Canary Wharf to Buckingham Palace, we show how the top people in this 'free market' society survive only through the systematic use of backhanders, sweeteners and state handouts.

Welcome to the classless society.

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