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Issue 43, May 1992

Five more years?

The election is over, but the slump certainly isn't. Living Marxism didn't offer any election promises, but this month's issue gives you one guarantee about the immediate future of Western capitalism: the worst is yet to come.

Has there ever been a bigger gap between the problems facing people and the 'solutions' offered by governments? Has there ever been a more pressing need for a new political alternative?

If you don't want to put up with five more years of this, you can play a part in developing that alternative. A good way to start is to join a local Living Marxism readers group, getting together with others in your area to discuss the ideas in the magazine - and to spread the word.

4 Editorial

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12 Election: who's to blame? Eddie Veale

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16 The politics of health Mike Freeman

19 Ann Bradley

20 The making of another Great Depression Phil Murphy

22 British economyths Jon Fryer

24 The wages of fear Frank Richards

28 Job insecurity for life Elli Dashwood and Andrew Calcutt

33 Youth exploitation Johanna Carter

34 Germany's Stasi crisis Rob Knight

37 Toby Banks

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books



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