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Issue 127, February 2000

New e-conomy: don't blow IT

Despite all the hype about IT and e-commerce, says Phil Mullan, a shortage of investment and ambition risks wasting the real opportunities provided by new technology

Free speech on trial

Helene Guldberg, co-defendant in ITN's libel action against LM, examines the iniquities of English libel law

Can mentor moms make Kevin cultured?

Government proposals to provide teenage boys with 'cultural mentors' are juvenile, argues Mark Ryan

Tony Blair's therapeutic state

In New Britain, we are not citizens, but clients, says Michael Fitzpatrick

Returning fire

Cathy Young, author of Ceasefire, a fresh challenge to American feminism, talked to Jan Macvarish about why the personal should be anything but political

Battered lives and media hits

Tiffany Jenkins and Tessa Mayes investigate the new fascination with domestic violence
4 Mick Hume Exploiting the Holocaust

6 LM Online

6 Signs of the times

8 Tony Blair's therapeutic state Michael Fitzpatrick

10 Registering rape Helen Reece

11 Returning fire Cathy Young talks to Jan Macvarish

12 Domestic violence: battered lives Tiffany Jenkins

12 Media hits Tessa Mayes

14 Opinion: Sexual chemistry Ann Bradley

16 Free speech on trial Helene Guldberg

18 An Englishwoman in Washington: The Insider story Helen Searls

20 Taboos: PGD - diagnosing the problem Ann Furedi and Frank Furedi

22 Making the ordinary extraordinary Alan Sillitoe talks to Brendan O'Neill

24 New e-conomy: don't blow IT Phil Mullan

28 The size of debt relief John Pender

29 Seattle: the politics of Waaah! Jennie Bristow

30 LM Mail

Culture Wars

32 Can mentor moms make Kevin cultured? Mark Ryan
34 Reading the future Tim Parks
35 Hollywood's fringe benefits Sandy Starr
36 Playing with the Elgin Marbles Michael Daley

37 Second Opinion: Dr Pqtel and Dr Smith Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

38 Mad cows and Englishmen Julian Morris

39 Citizenship education: learning to vote by rote Kevin Rooney

40 Classics were all Greek to me Andrew Calcutt

41 Tongue-tied Dolan Cummings

42 Surveillance: welcome to the panopticon Patrick West

43 Reading between the lines: The limits of 'World English', the character building debate, and the edge of reason

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