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Signs of the times

'It was a bit of a laugh, really, some of those toffee-nosed people having to queue'
Frank Dobson, would-be mayor of London, on the travel delays that spoilt the opening night of the Dome. He later qualified his comments, adding that 'a lot of people who aren't snobby were delayed'

'The club's senior officials would sell their own grandmothers to make sure United make money out of everything they touch - even the pitch - and not let anyone else get a look in'
Former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty, criticising the club's attempts to stop a businessmen selling keyrings with pieces of the Nou Camp pitch upon which United won the European Cup

'I can't believe I was such a wimp'
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who cried and rambled on about her family during her Oscar acceptance speech

'It could lead to confrontation'
Eddie Isaacs, Reddich Borough Council licensing officer, explaining the decision to introduce a code of conduct banning taxi drivers from talking with passengers about politics, religion or sex

'Undoubtedly there are many who have suffered in the revolutionary process and since, but in my view both countries have developed for the overall benefit of their peoples'
Sir Edward Heath, replying to questions about human rights abuses in China and Cuba. He named his political heroes as Castro ('character and style'), Tito ('good company'), and Mao ('charismatic'). He judged Nelson Mandela's achievements as 'very largely presentational'

'He's down and I don't want to kick him, and I wish that other people would lay off him'
Ted Francis, the friend who exposed Jeffrey Archer

'The surprise for me is old people. Everywhere on the streets of Britain there are sharp, spirited, shrewd old people - and they often get the joke much faster than the young ones'
Daisy Donovan, presenter on the 11 O'Clock Show

Reproduced from LM issue 127, February 2000



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