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Issue 124, October 1999

Lowering education

Not so endearing

Lord Ron Dearing wrote the blueprint for restructuring higher education in Britain. Two years on, he talked to Jennie Bristow about graduate shelf-stackers and other virtues of the new university system

Epitaph for the university

The decline of higher education, says Kenneth Minogue, is a tale of vanity, cowardice and stupidity

The price of inclusion

If the government wants so many students to get a higher education, argues Alan Smithers, it will have to let universities charge higher tuition fees

A marriage on the rocks?

University teaching and research cannot be separated, claims Stephen Rowland

Publish or be damned

Laurie Taylor on the system that sells academic research by the pound
4 Mick Hume: Save us from preachy prime ministers and backsliding bishops

6 LM Online

8 Dover the top Brendan O'Neill

9 Opinion: Play time Ann Bradley

10 Not so endearing Lord Ron Dearing talked to Jennie Bristow

12 Epitaph for the university Kenneth Minogue

12 The price of inclusion Alan Smithers

14 Teaching and research: a marriage on the rocks? Stephen Rowland

15 Publish or be damned Laurie Taylor

16 After the Turkish earthquake David Cowlard

18 Agribusiness and its helpful critics James Heartfield

20 Dam lies about Narmada Bruno Waterfield and Kirk Leech

23 Food panics: carcinogenic concerns Julian Morris

24 Six billion people? three cheers Frank Furedi

Culture wars

28 Waxing lyrical about poetry and pop Louis Ryan
28 Rupert Brooke: clean-cut Englishman? Nigel Jones
30 Standing up for comedy Stewart Lee talked to Timandra Harkness
31 Museums: white elephants and ivory towers Professor David Lowenthal
32 Opening up the past Timothy Mason

34 Why 'social exclusion' is the in thing Michael Fitzpatrick

36 Taboos: Another HIV negative Ann Bradley

38 LM Mail

39 Second opinion: Who needs guidelines? Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

40 East Timor: The road to hell Will Deighton

43 Reading between the lines: Human rights crusades, the making of intelligence, and Hannibal Lecter: a renaissance cannibal

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