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Issue 123, September 1999

Consuming democracy

The new consumer activism, carried out in the name of 'the People', is really elitist networking that thrives on political apathy, argues Frank Furedi

So are we all equal now?

Is it still so hard to be a woman? Jennie Bristow weighs up the arguments

Thought policing

John Fitzpatrick explains why even 'hate speech' should be free

Anti-racial tensions

Brendan O'Neill reports from south-east London, where post-Lawrence policing is in danger of making everybody a racist

Living the examined life

George Steiner talked to Mark Ryan about the Jewish tradition of thinking and teaching, and the fall of the humanities since the Holocaust

Why Roald Dahl will not do

The way to win young hearts and minds is by inspiration, argues children's author Helen Cresswell

Don't watch with mother

Alan Horrox talked to Wendy Earle about the dark side of making children's TV
4 Mick Hume: Wandering lonely as a cloud

6 LM Online

8 How sex crime statistics distort the truth Tiffany Jenkins

10 Anti-racial tensions in Greenwich Brendan O'Neill

12 So are women equal now? Jennie Bristow

15 Feminising Knowledge Gordon Graham

16 LM Mail

17 Opinion: Sparing the rod Ann Bradley

18 Kosovo: the first therapeutic war Mick Hume

21 Sectarian Scotland? Meg Henderson

22 Palestine: Barak to the future? James Heartfield

24 Consuming democracy Frank Furedi

28 TV complaints addicts Andrew Calcutt

29 Regulating TV futures Stephen Whittle

Culture Wars

30 Living the examined life George Steiner talks to Mark Ryan
32 Why Roald Dahl will not do Helen Cresswell
32 Don't watch with mother Alan Horrox talks to Wendy Earle

34 An Englishwoman in Washington: Kennedy: a nation mourns (not) Helen Searls

35 'Social inclusion': excluding ideas Claire Fox

36 Education matters Geraldine Everett, Tom Burkard, Toby Marshall

38 No winners in friendly games Alex Standish

39 Second Opinion: Healthy living centres: millennial healing Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

40 Taboos: The ill-American male David Nolan

40 Signs of the times

43 Reading between the lines Depression economics, and the 'war against parents'




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