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Issue 120, May 1999

Unsafe sex

Unsafe sex

The 'playful' sexuality popular today expresses a mistrust of other people, explains Jennie Bristow

The eunuch years

Our society is scared of sex, says Philippa Gregory

Sex exchange

Betty Dodson discusses the importance of 'self-loving', while Timandra Harkness stands up for passion and penetration


Gal détourN reports from fetish clubland, where safety seems to come first

Could it be you?

Is chlamydia the new AIDS? asks Carrie Clarke

Spot the rapist?

Don't confuse rape with 'normal' heterosex, says Sara Hinchliffe of Feminists for Justice

Not sticking to the script

Diane Dubois thinks that gender is a performance

Showing a leg

There is nothing new about fetishism on film, says archivist Jenny Hammerton of British Pathe

Child's play

There is a world of difference between playground games and adult sex, argues Tiffany Jenkins
4 Mick Hume: 'Bomber' Blair's crusade

6 LM Online

8 Genocide: what's in a word? Mick Hume

10 Yugoslavia: tinderbox in flames Pat Roberts

12 The lessons of Bosnia David Chandler

13 The People's war?

14 An Englishwoman in Washington: Anti-Vietnam vets go to war Helen Searls

16 LM Mail

17 Opinion: Why should we care who Woodhead bedded? Ann Bradley

18 The case against animal experiments Christine Orr

19 Culling elephants to be kind Roger Bate

Culture Wars
20 Does life imitate Shakespeare? Harold Bloom talks to Claire Fox
22 But is it art? The 'Leeds 13'

24 Unsafe sex Jennie Bristow

26 Not-so-Blue Peter Tessa Mayes

28 Sex exchange Betty Dodson and Timandra Harkness

30 Submissives in fetish clubland Gal détourN

31 The eunuch years Philippa Gregory

32 Taboos: Is chlamydia the new AIDS? Carrie Clarke

34 Spot the rapist? Sara Hinchliffe

34 Signs of the times

36 Gender roles: not sticking to the script Diane Dubois

37 Showing a leg Jenny Hammerton

38 Child's play Tiffany Jenkins

40 Are 'leading lads' the new sads? Brendan O'Neill

41 Second Opinion: Patients getting physical? Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

42 LM Classified

43 Reading between the lines: Violent women, victimised men, and the reinvention of God

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