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Issue 118, March 1999

This shrinking life

Why the obsession with therapy is bad for our heads - and everything else

Counter the counselling culture

With an estimated half a million therapists now advising us on how to live, Dr Jennifer Cunningham counsels that it is time Britain got off the couch

Are you emotionally literate?

'Emotional literacy' is the new language of a society of self-absorbed, atomised individuals, argues Linda Ryan

Holocaust hoax?

Mark Pendergrast concludes that false memory syndrome is probably behind an award-winning 'memoir' of the Holocaust

Corporate counselling

The rise of work-related therapy is a manipulative management strategy, says Bruce Charlton MD

Can you rely on registered counselling?

Trained, professional counsellors appear to get no better results than 'cowboys', reports Alex Howard

Manufacturing victims

Under the insidious influence of the trauma industry, argues Yvonne McEwen, people are learning not to cope with tragedy

Satanic fiction

A decade on, reports Nick Anning, the real lessons of Nottingham's satanic abuse panic continue to be ignored
4 Mick Hume: What about the right to be offensive?

6 LM Online

8 Taboos exchange: Equal rights or discrimination for disability? Christina McGill, Margie Woodward and Jennie Bristow

10 Gulf War syndrome does not exist Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

12 Counter the counselling culture Dr Jennifer Cunningham

15 Corporate counselling Bruce Charlton MD

16 Can you rely on registered counselling? Alex Howard

18 Manufacturing victims Yvonne McEwen

20 Are you emotionally literate? Linda Ryan

22 Parenting experts can damage your health Virginia Hume

24 Good enough parents are good enough Dorothy Einon

25 Opinion: Why we must defend vile scum Ann Bradley

26 False memoirs of the Holocaust Mark Pendergrast

29 Satanic abuse fiction Nick Anning

30 LM Mail

32 Cultural diversity can make you dumber Mark Ryan

34 Culture Wars conference

36 Interview with Cathy de Monchaux Aidan Campbell

38 Newspapers selling readers short Melanie Phillips

39 The new open-minded TV John Ellis

40 Docusoap meets current affairs Claire Fox

42 An Englishwoman in Washington: Partisan cheese Helen Searls

43 Second opinion: Domestic violence - NOT a healthcare issue Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

44 alt.culture.lm Is Asian Fusion the new musical explosion or the latest over-hyped media darling?

46 LM Classified

47 Reading between the lines Gender, impotence and teenage angst

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