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Issue 117, February 1999

Culture Wars

Dumbing Down, Wising Up?

A culture of low expectations

All the fuss about 'dumbing down' appears to assume that people are becoming more stupid. On the contrary, says Frank Furedi; it is society's elites that have lowered their standards and embraced the banal

The tyranny of 'relevance'

Mark Ryan surveys the degradation of art and culture

Confessional writing: enough said

Death to the cancer column, argues Jennie Bristow

The Bard should be hard

Sandy Starr on 'modernising' Shakespeare

The world of real-life soap

Richard Kilborn and James Heartfield on the rise of docusoaps

Pieces of history

Dr John Maddicott finds Oxford's new history syllabus fragmented, incoherent and confused

Why scrap grammar schools now?

asks teacher Joanna Williams
4 Mick Hume: Kick against the pricks

6 LM Online

8 Big sister is watching you Erin Pizzey

10 Stop crucifying queers Peter Tatchell

11 Students afraid of the dark Ellen Raphael

12 Taboos: Abortion for abnormality is not a Nazi business Ann Furedi

14 Confessional writing: enough said Jennie Bristow

16 Sleaze: labouring under an illusion James Heartfield

19 LM Mail

20 Iraq: war without end Brendan O'Neill

21 Opinion: Seriously sick of animal rights Ann Bradley

22 A culture of low expectations Frank Furedi

24 Culture Wars conference

26 The tyranny of relevance Mark Ryan

28 The Bard should be hard Sandy Starr

30 Pieces of history Dr John Maddicott

31 Ahistorical imagination Louise Fahey

32 'Welcome to the world of real-life soap' Richard Kilborn

33 Kitchen-sunk drama James Heartfield

34 Levelling children down Susan Gregory

35 Why scrap grammar schools now? Joanna Williams

36 Practising 'safe' music Simon Napier-Bell

37 Steve Ignorant of Crass talks to Gal détourN

38 alt.culture.lm Should Britain's most prestigious cinema be staging a festival of Carry On films?

41 Second Opinion: NHS crisis - what crisis? Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

42 LM Classified

43 Reading between the lines Mick Hume on John Simpson; Dumb animals and clever science

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