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Issue 116, December 1998/January 1999

The truth about LM

Pre-millennial tensions

As the countdown to the twenty-first century begins in earnest, James Heartfield weighs the times and finds them wanting

Spirit-free zone

Frank Furedi looks into the hole at the heart of the millennium celebrations

'We can assume that Jesus is in there'

Brendan O'Neill found Christian leaders more confused than celebratory about their messiah's forthcoming birthday party

Dome mongers v doom mongers

Vicky Richardson talked to Glyn Trippick, one of the engineers behind the technical wonder of the Millennium Dome
James Heartfield talked to Ben Evans, the man planning the world's biggest new year's eve party

SF: no future in it?

The idea of the post-human sets the agenda for turn-of-the-century science fiction, says Ken MacLeod

Christmas crackers

Yvonne McEwen on why therapy is bad for you

Stress is no illness

Angela Patmore on why stress is good for you

4 Mick Hume

6 LM-Mail

8 Taboos: Can Jack Straw save your marriage? Irma Reilly

11 Pre-millennial tensions, James Heartfield

12 Spirit-free zone, Frank Furedi

14 Christian confusions, Brendan O'Neill

15 Glyn Trippick: the man who planned the Dome, Vicky Richardson

17 Ben Evans: the man who's planning the party, James Heartfield

18 Brazil's disenchanted rainforest, Neil Ross

20 Visions of human annihilation, Ron Arnold

21 Who says there are too many Africans? Fiona Fox

22 The truth about LM, Mick Hume

23 The reluctant plaintiff, Helen Searls

24 SF: no future in it? Ken MacLeod

26 Female and fantasy worlds, Pat Wheeler, Dave Hallsworth

28 The 'great rock'n'roll dwindle', Gal détourN

29 Opinion: Ann Bradley

30 Should men worry more about their health?, Paul Colbert and Dr Michael Fitzpatrick exchange views

32 Christmas counselling crackers, Yvonne McEwen

35 Stress is no illness, Angela Patmore

36 Access no areas for Palestinians, Nick Frayn

37 Second Opinion: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

38 Futures: Who's afraid of Frankenfood?, Tony Gilland

40 alt.culture.lm, Neil Davenport talks to Black Box Recorder; Stewart Home talks about censorship and his novel

42 LM Classified

43 Reading Between The Lines, From Ulysses to football and new theories of 'sustainable capitalism'

This is a double issue: back in February

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