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Issue 115, November 1998

The freedom issue

LM takes to the stand in defence of life, liberty and having it all

A free country?

James Heartfield challenges the new fear of freedom

Could the high court order you to have an operation?

Barrister of the Year Barbara Hewson thinks that some judges are failing to respect patients' autonomy

Porn free

And so it should be, argues Jennie Bristow

Myra, me and the lynch mob

Playwright Diane Dubois puts her case for free-thinking theatre

There is something in the air

FOREST's Marjorie Nicholson sticks up for smokers' rights

A curfew too far

Stuart Waiton reports on the impact of New Labour's child curfew, one year on

Defend which freedom?

Mary Midgley wants us to get our liberties into an order of priority

Dalai Lama 'a religious dictator'

Hollywood's favourite 'freedom fighter' stands accused of repression. Brendan O'Neill reports

4 Mick Hume

6 LM-Mail

8 Taboos: The 'roofie' excuse, Ann Bradley

10 Truth, drugs and libel laws, John McVicar

13 ITN v LM, Helen Searls

14 'Connected' TV, Claire Fox

16 Opinion: Ann Bradley

17 Britain's moral imperialism, Francis King

18 Free Speech Appeal

19 The Freedom Issue

32 Manly virtues and masculine vices, John MacInnes

34 Capitalism isn't collapsing, Phil Mullan

36 Futures: What's wrong with animal research?, Dr Stuart Derbyshire

38 alt.culture.lm, Sophie Thomas and Alex Cameron debate the ethics of design

41 Second Opinion: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

42 LM Classified

43 Reading Between The Lines, Confession and footballers; Desire and design; Primitivism and modernism

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