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Issue 114, October 1998

Who's lowering higher education?

The learn-little society

Universities are under fire for all the wrong reasons, argue Jennie Bristow and Kirsten de la Haye. The one thing the critics ignore is the intellectual impoverishment of today's 'learning society'

Intellectual poverty

Bribing universities into recruiting more working class students is patronising, says Brendan O'Neill

Professional mockery

Justine Brian's City & Guilds cookery qualification left a bitter taste in her mouth

Freshers scares

Hugh Peto and Barry Curtis advise the new student intake to make the most of the next three years - by ignoring all the 'safety advice' they get

4 Mick Hume: Stop the sobbing

6 LM-Mail

8 Taboos: What's wrong with abortion for abnormality? Ellie Lee

11 Opinion: Ann Bradley

12 Lowering higher education Jennie Bristow, Kirsten de la Haye, Brendan O'Neill, Justine Brian

15 Freshers scares Hugh Peto, Barry Curtis

17 After Omagh Kevin Rooney

18 Anti-racist education is a failure Linda Bellos

19 Sun, sea and...sue Charlotte Reynolds

20 Russia: no market for reforms Tracey Brown

22 Cult is a four-letter word Brendan O'Neill

24 A Third Way to where? Linda Ryan

27 Labour: pandering to Scottish self-pity Allan Massie

28 London mayor means less Mick Spencer

30 How 'feminised' is the mother of parliaments now? Sally Millard

32 Second opinion: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

34 Euro food regulation: poisonous dummies Bill Durodié

36 Futures: Who's afraid of radiation? Dr David Hall

38 alt.culture.lm
Patrick Hughes' Perverspective; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

42 LM Classified

43 Reading between the lines
The end of sovereignty in Bosnia?; The American dream in Britain




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