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Issue 113, September 1998

Robbing kids of their childhood and teaching parents to panic

Let children be children and adults be adults, says Frank Furedi

How 'child protection' can destroy families

The government's new proposals to prevent child abuse are more likely to end up harming children and parents, argues Tiffany Jenkins

Whatever happened to false memory syndrome?

False memory syndrome may have been exposed. But the dangerous assumptions behind the quest for repressed memories have yet to be challenged, argue Jennie Bristow and
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

A victim of memory recalls

After his children 'remembered' in therapy that he had abused them, Mark Pendergrast helped sound the alert about false memory syndrome in the USA

Suffer the little children

Northern Ireland's children are more manipulated than traumatised, argues Chris Gilligan

4 Mick Hume

6 LM-Mail

7 The what's NOT on guide

8 Ray Bellisario: no paparazzo Tessa Mayes

12 Parlez-vous Diana? Mark Ryan

15 Elton gone Brendan O'Neill and Emily Young

16 Freedom for the thought that we hate Nadine Strossen

20 Misreading the problem of literacy Joanna Williams

22 Suffer the little children of Northern Ireland Chris Gilligan

23 Opinion: Ann Bradley

24 Robbing kids of their childhood and teaching parents to panic Frank Furedi

28 Taboos: How 'child protection' can destroy families Tiffany Jenkins

31 Second Opinion: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

32 Whatever happened to false memory syndrome? Jennie Bristow, Mark Pendergrast and Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

36 No kidding Jennie Bristow

37 Futures: The government's anti-transport policy Austin Williams

39 Cyclists and motorists, unite James Heartfield

40 alt.culture.lm
Sheryl Garratt and Jeff Nuttall offer colliding views of the counterculture

42 LM Classified

43 Reading between the lines
Burchill and Campbell on Diana; Sokal and Bricmont on pseudoscience




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