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Issue 112, July/August 1998

In praise of masculine men - and women

The government-led campaign against all things masculine is becoming an obsession, says Frank Furedi

'Tony Blair is like a little girlie'

Helene Guldberg has a woman-to-woman talk with Fay Weldon

Loaded questions

Claire Fox talked to Adam Porter of Loaded magazine about tits, dicks, New Labour and that 'fucking lemon' Nick Hornby

Soft boys and bitchy bastards

Bring on the real men, argues Jennie Bristow

Masculinity can make you go blind, boy!

Do boys really need sex and relationships education? asks Wendy Earle

4 Mick Hume

6 LM-Mail

8 Taboos: Sex education for boys Wendy Earle

10 In praise of masculine men - and women Frank Furedi

15 Soft boys and bitchy bastards Jennie Bristow

16 Loaded questions Claire Fox

18 Fay Weldon: 'Tony Blair is like a little girlie' Helene Guldberg

21 Opinion: Ann Bradley

22 Exchanging trust for fear Jennie Bristow

25 The counselling cult Bruce Charlton

26 Who's dumbing down? James Heartfield

30 Don't crossover Beethoven Mark Ryan

33 Second opinion: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

34 Is new news bad news? Brendan O'Neill

38 Victimising the Irish Kevin Rooney

40 Futures: Are you ready for year Zero Zero? Mark Beachill

42 alt.culture.lm
The party's not over: pop, politics and Cool Britannia

47 Reading between the lines
Scientists with stars in their eyes?

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