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New issues of LM go online on the last Thursday of every month. At this point the full text of the editorial and of one feature are available, but only synopses of the other articles in the issue. The complete articles become available when the next issue goes live, and can be accessed via the archive. To read the full magazine as soon as it is published, please take out a subscription.

Issue 106, December 1997/January 1998

Law wars

Power to the jury

Using cases like the Louise Woodward trial as an excuse to undermine the jury system would lead to the biggest injustice of all, suggests John Fitzpatrick

Self defence is no offence

Sara Hinchliffe explains why defendants in rape cases should have the right to represent themselves in court

Getting it wrong on human rights

The New Labour government's incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into British law is nothing for civil libertarians to celebrate, says James Heartfield

Mo Mowlam's marching orders

Brendan O'Neill has never worn a bowler hat and sash, but he thinks that the Orange Order have got a point about New Labour's 'authoritarian' Parades Commission for Northern Ireland

Law without right

As the law is extended into ever-more areas of everyday life, James Heartfield challenges some recent attempts to rationalise legal activism

4 Mick Hume: Year of the victim

6 LM-mail

8 Taboos: Why try to make boys more like girls? Wendy Earle

11 Opinion: Who cares who killed Baby Matty? Ann Bradley

12 The University of Neverneverland Jennie Bristow

15 Last orders? Ed Barrett

16 Power to the jury John Fitzpatrick

18 Rape trials: Self defence is no offence Sara Hinchliffe

20 Getting it wrong on human rights James Heartfield

23 Our new moral Guardian Helen Searls

24 LM v ITN

26 Mo Mowlam's marching orders Brendan O'Neill

28 Ireland: A new McAleese of life? Kevin Rooney

30 Markets: What goes down, goes back up Phil Mullan

32 Hands off our glands David Nolan

33 Why gypsies go west Adam Burgess

34 Futures: Wouldn't a bit of global warming be a good thing? Peter Sammonds

37 Second opinion Dr Mike Fitzpatrick

38 alt.culture.lm
Stereolab; Ethical chic; Computer games; Xmas oysters

43 Reading between the lines
Law without right




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