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Issue 105, November 1997

4 Mick Hume: New Diana, New Danger

6 LM-mail

8 Taboos: Who needs an abortion law? Ann Bradley

11 Opinion: Ann Bradley

12 Jack Straw's thought crime John Fitzpatrick

14 Now we are all 10 again Charlotte Reynolds

15 LM v ITN: No ordinary libel case Helen Searls

18 Who killed Marlboro Man? Cheryl Hudson

20 Fire in the FOREST Jennie Bristow

21 That was the week that was Not on David Nolan

22 Paparazzi snap back Tessa Mayes

24 Brand New Britain? James Heartfield

28 Psychopolitics Dr Mike Fitzpatrick

31 The cot death guilt-trip Bríd Hehir

32 Northern Ireland: look who's talking Brendan O'Neill

34 Futures: Why have we still not walked on Mars? Henry Joy McCracken

37 Alien Nation Aidan Campbell

38 alt.culture.lm

The Wilde One?; Art for ads sake; Tamagotchi gotcha; Mushrooming

43 Reading between the lines

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