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Issue 103, September 1997


Inside the genocide tribunal

A special investigation into the injustice being perpetrated by the International Criminal Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, where Rwandans are on trial for genocide.

Showtrial, UN-style

Barry Crawford, Africa Direct

'Where the hell do these people get their moral authority?'

Phil Taylor, defence investigator and legal observer at the genocide tribunal in Arusha

The Rwandan impunity issue: the theft of truth and justice in Central Africa

John Philpot, Secretary General of the American Association of Jurists

A court created for political ends

Ramsey Clark, former United States Attorney General

4 Mick Hume: The age of the ethically correct death squad

6 LM-mail

7 The what's NOT on guide

8 TABOOS: What's the problem with lunch break abortions? Beth Adams

11 OPINION: Ann Bradley

12 New Labour starts cleaning up Britain Jennie Bristow

14 The corruption of politics and the politics of corruption James Heartfield

19 A day out on the hunting demo Claire Fox

20 Rape law on trial Sally Millard

22 Why being raped did not ruin one woman's life Sara Hinchliffe

24 Rwanda: Showtrial, UN-style

31 Bosnia: more democratisers, less democracy Dave Chandler

34 FUTURES: Water, water everywhere... Dominic Wood

37 Second Opinion Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

38 alt.culture.lm

Nicholas Saunders on E; Festivals; Moroccan food; Nil By Mouth

42 APPEAL: In defence of free speech

43 Reading between the lines

Why do we live in an age of moral panics and witch-hunts?




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