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The February 1997 issue of LM magazine ran a story which raised embarrassing questions about ITN's award-winning pictures from a Bosnian Serb-run camp.

ITN tried to have every copy of the magazine, which contained the article 'The Picture that Fooled the World' by German journalist Thomas Deichmann, pulped.

LM refused to back down and ITN then sued the magazine's editor and publishers for libel.

ITN and its lawyers have made it clear that they are not simply seeking to set the record straight, but to inflict punitive damages on LM - in effect, to put the magazine out of business and gag it for good.

In Europe, newspapers and television stations have discussed the issue widely. In Britain, there has largely been silence.

The consequences of ITN's actions are that discussion on this important issue has been closed down and the future of LM itself is at stake.

ITN's latest legal submission accuses the magazine of 'express malice' - a charge which carries the threat of punitive damages if accepted by the courts. In No ordinary libel case Helen Searls exposes the potential of this ominous new use of the libel laws to impose yet further restrictions on free speech.

This website tells the whole story ITN does not want you to read, and explains what has happened so far in the libel case.

Join us to defend press freedom and free speech against this unprecedented attack by a media giant.

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An open letter from Mick Hume, editor of LM, explaining why the magazine is refusing to give in to ITN's libel writs and gagging orders

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