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The picture that fooled the world

An interview with Igor, one of the camp guards

We must stay here

Igor: "We must stay here because army give food, water, and milk...please, ask these people..."

We must stay here, sound clip 9k RealAudio

Why are you here?

Penny Marshall (ITN): "Why are you here now, are you - to stop them escaping?"

Igor, (Trnopolje camp guard): "No, er, no. I am here because I have commandant and he say 'You must stay here and protect me' - first me - no, 'and we protect these people'"

Interpreter: "So commander told him to be here to protect these people"

Why are you here? sound clip 22k RealAudio

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Is he your guard?
Transcript of an interview with one of the refugees

Penny Marshall (ITN): Is he your guard?
Translator (Serbo-croat): Is he your guard, here now?
Translator (Serbo-croat): Is he guarding you?
[Note that "guard" is also ambiguous in Serbo-croat; it can mean "protector" or "prison warden"]
Refugee: Yes
Translator (Serbo-croat): Is he protecting you?
Refugee: Yes, yes.
Translator (English): Yes, he is his guard now.
Penny: Are you his prisoner?
Translator (Serbo-croat): You are his prisoner.
Guard (interrupting in serbo-croat): Are you his prisoner?
Translator (Serbo-croat): Are you his prisoner?
Refugee: (shrugs)
Guard (Serbo-croat): Do you feel like a prisoner?
Refugee: (shrugs again), I don't know how (to answer).
Other (Serbo-croat): Are you in a collection centre? Tell them.
Refugee: Yes, yes.
Guard (Serbo-croat): Are you in a collection centre or in a prison?
Refugee: In a collection centre.
Guard (English): He say "I am not in jail".

Is he your guard? sound clip 18k RealAudio