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Thursday 6 November 1997

ITN vs LM Libel Case Website Launched

A website dedicated to the libel case between Independent Television News and LM magazine is launched today. The site contains the legal documents issued in the case, extracts from the original film footage, press coverage from around the world and relevant articles about the case.

Visitors are invited to send messages of support, sign the Free Speech Appeal, contribute to the LM Libel Appeal and submit queries to LM's legal co-ordinator. It is also intended to place as many documents as are made available during disclosure as is possible on the site. The site is accessible from midday on Thursday at:

LM Editor Mick Hume said:

This website will allow all web users to view and discuss an important news story ITN would rather they did not see at all. LM stands by its story and we want the world and the World Wide Web to know why.

For further details, please contact Claire Fox on 0171 278 9908 or email:

Notes to Editors:

ITN has sued LM's editor and publishers for libel over a story about their award-winning pictures of a Bosnian camp which appeared in February's issue of LM. ITN demanded that every copy of February's issue was pulped.

The controversy centres on 'The Picture that Fooled The World', an article by freelance German journalist Thomas Deichmann. The article raises serious questions about ITN's award-winning pictures of Trnopolje camp in Bosnia, first broadcast in August 1992.

ITN's latest legal submission accuses the magazine of 'express malice' - a charge which carries the threat of punitive damages if accepted by the courts. That document is discussed in an article by Helen Searls in the latest issue of LM also available on the site. The issue of 'express malice' represents an ominous new use of the libel laws to impose yet further restrictions on free speech.

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