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4 February 1997

LM vows to fight as ITN issues libel writ

LM magazine has pledged to fight ITN's attempts to gag the truth contained in the article 'The Picture that Fooled the World' published in its February issue. LM editor, Mick Hume, last week refused to comply with ITN's demands that he pulp every copy of the magazine, apologise to their journalists and pay damages. Today he declares that ITN's latest tactic of issuing a libel writ against LM will be fought all the way.

Mick Hume, LM editor says,

"This unprecedented threat to press freedom from a multi-million pound news organisation will be treated by LM with the contempt it deserves. LM stands 100 per cent behind Thomas Deichmann's article and will resist all of the tactics employed by ITN to prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge. We fully intend to fight all of the libel writs and gagging orders they throw at us."

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