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September 1997

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Arguments have been confused

From Mr Richard Tait.

Sir, I agree with Christopher Dunkley ("Whose news is it anyway?", September 20-21) that television reporters must remain honest and objective in their journalism. But his article has confused the arguments about the journalism of attachment with a libel action which ITN has taken to defend its reputation and that of two of its journalists.

ITN does not practise "the journalism of attachment" - it is committed to accurate and impartial reporting. Its coverage of the war in Bosnia neither demonised nor sanctified any of the participants, but sought, in often highly dangerous circumstances, to be scrupulously fair to all parties in a bitter civil war.

ITN does not believe that the journalism of attachment has nay role in impartial news reporting - but we do believe in standing by our journalism and our staff when we consider they have been libelled.

Richard Tait, Editor-in-chief, ITN, 200 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8XZ.

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