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January 1997

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21:00 Friday 24 January 1997



LM Magazine has received a letter from ITN's lawyers, threatening libel action unless we agree to pulp our entire February issue, apologise to their journalists and pay damages.

This threat is in response to the article 'The picture that fooled the world', by Thomas Deichmann, which reveals the truth about the famous ITN pictures of Bosnian Muslims apparently imprisoned behind a barbed wire fence at Trnopolje camp in August 1992. (See Previous LM press statement and February issue of LM for the full story).

LM editor Mick Hume said:

'ITN's Goldsmith-style gagging order is a scandalous attempt to scare us off and stifle public discussion of these important issues. Neither ITN nor their lawyers has yet said a word about the substance of our story, which exposes the way that those famous pictures were taken.

'We stand 100% behind Thomas Deichmann's article. There is one simple way to resolve this issue. ITN should show the full, unedited footage which its team filmed at Trnopolje on the 5 August 1992. Then everybody will know the truth.'

For further information or comment contact:

Jan Macvarish, LM Press Officer

0171 278 9908

0831 246 694 out of hours

Thomas Deichmann and Mick Hume are available for interview.

Photographs on request.



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