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February 1997

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[Private Eye - 28 February 1997]

LETTERS - Living proof


Your hatchet-job on LIVING MARXISM's coverage of Bosnia was cowardly and nauseating. Do you have any critical faculties? Do you have any evidence to counter the claims made in LIVING MARXISM that the "famous pictures of starving Bosnians in Serb camps" (leading to headlines such as the DAILY MIRROR's Belsen 92: Horror of the New Holocaust") were a dishonest portrayal of a refugee camp set up by fleeing Bosnians? LIVING MARXISM's view is corroborated by other observers, such as Paddy Ashdown (see INDEPENDENT 13.8.92) and Professor Wladimiroff, chairman of the Netherlands Bar Association for Criminal Lawyers (see interview in LM, Feb 97). Does the truth matter to you? As for your assertion that the opinions of LIVING MARXISM "coincide exactly with those of a large section of the establishment", I am waiting with barely suppressed excitement for the day when the ruling class condemns British militarism and the colonisation of the Balkans.

Yours, George Napier, London E11.

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