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February 1997

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19:30 Thursday 27.2.97

ITN receives 'Golden Gag' award

It was a good night for ITN at the London Hilton last night when it received a surprise award during the Royal Television Society Awards ceremony.

ITN chiefs were presented with the first ever 'Golden Gag' trophy by a representative of LM magazine who surprised ITN executives and broadcasters at their table.

Golden Gag presenter, Jan Macvarish, said:

"The Golden Gag will be awarded annually to the broadcaster that goes to the greatest lengths to restrict the freedom of the press. This year, ITN has well and truly earned the Golden Gag by its extraordinary efforts to gag a story published in February's LM magazine. We think that these efforts should be recognised by ITN's peers".

ITN has threatened with legal action numerous journalists and editors who have tried to follow up the article "The Picture That Fooled the World", and has issued a writ against PR company Two-Ten Communications which distributed a press release about the article for LM.

ITN has failed in its attempts to get LM pulped, but is currently pursuing a libel action against the editor.


For further information and comment call the LM Press Office on 0171 278 9908 or 0831 246 694.

Photographs available on request.


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