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February 1997

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[Observer - 9 February 1997]

LETTERS PAGE - Living a lie?

I read with interest Ed Vulliamy's article (Comment, last week), refuting the attempt by Living Marxism to cast doubt on the existence of camps in Bosnia where non-Serb civilians were tortured and murdered in 1992. This issue raised a storm at a conference on the former Yugoslavia held last weekend at Glasgow City Chambers and Glasgow University.

At the conference, which included among its participants a Bosnian delegation from Tuzla and a former inmate of the Manjaca camp, representatives from Living Marxism attempted to dominate the time allocated for questions by holding forth at length with denials of the existence of such camps, using the occasion to distribute copies of the Living Marxism article. Their presence had the ironic (and surely unintended) effect of exposing the threadbare quality of the arguments offered in defence of the Living Marxism position on the Balkans war.

It would be interesting to learn who and what lies behind such an expensively produced magazine which has consistently devoted so much space to articles on various aspects of the Balkans war which do not stand up to serious analysis.

Carole Hodge, University of Glasgow

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