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August 1997

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August 1997



Whose War is it Anyway?

Mick Hume, editor of LM magazine who is currently being sued for libel by ITN [1], takes up the dangers of the Journalism of Attachment in a new publication Whose War is it Anyway? [2].

Whose War is it Anyway? is a hard-hitting and scathing critique of the fashionable bias in war reporting. In it, Mick Hume argues:

  • The Journalism of Attachment is a menace to good journalism - and to those whose lives it invades.
  • The Journalism of Attachment is a kind of Happy News Highlights for the chattering classes.
  • There is a clear contradiction between war reporters' formal commitment to the objective reporting of the facts and their moral attachment to the 'higher requirements' of getting the 'right' message across.
  • A key role of the Journalism of Attachment is that it acts as a moral mission on behalf of a demoralised Western society.
  • The campaigning journalists of yesterday exposed the misdemeanours of their own societies. Today's radical reporters go searching for signs of evil in other people's backyards.
  • Martin Bell's 'journalism that cares as well as knows' ends up as 'who cares what we really know, so long as the world knows we care'.


Notes to editors:

  1. Mick Hume is being sued for libel over the magazine's publication of revelations about ITN's award-winning reports from Bosnian Serb-run camps.
  2. Whose War is it Anyway? The Dangers of the Journalism of Attachment. 1997. InformInc. Priced £5. ISBN 0 9531320 0 5.
  3. For further details contact Claire Fox on 0171 278 9908 or see


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