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August 1997

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[Journalist - August 1997]

Letters - 'Fake story a fake'

I VALUE my union's magazine and have never known it make an editorial misjudgement - till now. What was it doing chasing after the vicious non-story of the "faked" Bosnian concentration camp photos?

Anyone unfortunate enough to have been conned into viewing Living Marxism's photo exhibitions knows the meaning of "fake" - hopelessly botched superimpositions of severed heads, with saracen scimitars and jackboots supposedly representing the Bosnian Army.

A political sect which has acted as fanclub for Khomeni, Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Karadzic is not worthy of "investigation" by professional journalists.

I heard a young woman survivor from Trnopolje camp who remembered the day the ITN crew and Ed Vulliamy arrived. The prisoners put on show, she explained, were the healthier looking ones; those who like her were "real skinny" were kept out of sight.

In the camp, that same day, her elder brother was shot.

She spoke of Red Cross delegations and journalists asking politely to see them and agreeing politely to go away when told by Republica Srpska officials that the camps never existed.

This late revival of the myth of the "Bosnian fakes" is a sign of the nagging guilt of British journalists who continued to seek out evidence for the moral and military equivalence between the perpetrators of genocide and the multi-ethnic Bosnian army.

Journalists of the left have little more to be proud of than Douglas Hurd.

Amanda Sebestyen, London Freelance Branch.

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