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The case has now gone on for more than two years and has cost us tens of thousands of pounds to get this far. Thankfully, hundreds of people have helped Off The Fence to raise over £60,000. In order to get the case to court we need a lot more.

To send a donation, please make cheques payable to OFF THE FENCE FUND and send to:

c/o LM,
Signet House,
49-51 Farringdon Road,
London EC1M 3JB

Some recent fund fundraising initiatives include:

COMEDY BENEFIT 'Stand Up for Free Speech', held at The Queen's Hall in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, raised thousands of pounds for the Off the Fence Fund, LM's defence fund against ITN's libel action. We would like to thank the comedians who made it a great night: Ben Norris, Simon Munnery, Boothby Graffoe, Adam Bloom, Steven Alan Green, Sean Cullen, Andrew Maxwell. And thanks to David Axe for organising the event.

FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT, 1 September. Many thanks to Alex Standish for organising a football tournament raising several hundred pounds.

SPORTS DAY, 5 September. Many thanks to everybody taking part in the day of fun and games including 100, 400, 1500 and 3000 metre races, long jumps, high jumps, 3-legged races, egg-and-spoon races, kick-boxing lessons and much more. The event raised just under a thousand pounds.

Thanks also to:
Ian in Finsbury who organised a sponsored walk across Hampstead Heath and raised over £1500;

Paul in Manchester, whose sponsored walk raised £200; Jan in Birmingham who cycled 25 miles and raised £112.

Stuart, Liz and Leah in Glasgow who spent two days climbing six Munroes and raised over £300 in the process. Jenny, Dawn and Penny in Glasgow for raising £160 by swimming 400 lengths between them in 90 minutes. And Simon in Glasgow who swam a mile and cycled another 10 to raise £120.

Chris and Justine from the Internet Freedom campaign raised over £300 tasting wine with their fellow net freedom surfers; Michael and Davina organised a ceilidh which raised £200.

Terence who raised £150 running the London marathon; Pete and Brendan in Manchester who raised £130 by completing a half marathon each; Craig, Graham and Gareth in Sheffield, whose half marathon raised £450. Gareth went on to raise a further £200 with his bonus ball game. David and Dan, whose half marathon in Leeds raised £150.

Toby in Hackney, whose culinary skills raised £500 from sympathetic friends; Helen and Andrew in Putney, whose summer buffet raised over £600.

Teresa in Sheffield for organising a three-legged pub crawl raising nearly £200; Jenny, a student at Hertford College, Oxford, for organising a cocktail party which raised £160; John in Newcastle who raised over £300 by getting his head shaved and losing his ponytail.

Kevin in North London, whose football tournament in Regents Park was won by 'The Lawyers' in a penalty shootout-this event raised £350. Alex in Brighton, whose football tournament raised £400. Tracey, Ellen and Leo for organising a car boot sale and a party which jointly raised £250; Duleep and Katharina who raised over £100 at a car boot sale in Lewisham.

Fiona in Edinburgh for raising £200 by distributing Off The Fence flyers advertising a club night at Century 2000-each flyer produced at the door made £2.50 for the Fund; Steve Jones from Wales, whose benefit gig at 'Clwb Ifor Bach' raised £270.

Many thanks to Brendon for organising the production and sale of LM Xmas cards, which raised several hundred pounds for OTF.

And to everyone who has raised and donated money to the fund.

Raising money is also a great way of raising awareness and building support. Money-raising events can be anything from a sporting event such as a football tournament, to a sponsored activity, to a social event (cocktail party, dinner party, wine-tasting), to a benefit gig or performance, to car boot, jumble and garage sales.

For anyone interested in exchanging ideas with other volunteers and learning or sharing campaign skills, get in touch with us.

To send a donation, please make cheques payable to OFF THE FENCE FUND and send to:

    c/o LM,
    Signet House,
    49-51 Farringdon Road,
    London EC1M 3JB