5 Useful Driving Apps for Android

shutterstock_57718834.downloadDriving has never been easier and fun as it is now, thanks to technology. One can reach authority through driving standards contact to know rules and regulations or there are many driving apps meant to ensure that you enjoy driving as well as find your destination with ease. Android has been in the forefront in providing such apps. 5 useful driving apps for Android include:

1. Waze

This is an Android app that helps you beat the heavy traffic. This app has been designed to offer you with travel alerts. However, unlike other navigation systems, it provides you with both audio and visual alerts on the screen. With this app, you will be able to get all the necessary navigational information in day and night mode.

2. My Car Locator

This is an Android app that helps in locating your car, especially in instances where you may be confused by many similar looking parking lots after a long day at work. It also helps you ensure that your car can be located with ease, in case of theft. This application relies on a GPS location tracking system that is always active to help you know exactly where your car is.

3. Car Tunes Music Player

This is an Android app that enables you plug in your smartphone to your car’s audio system and enjoy whichever music you want to, while driving. The app can play FM radio, streaming music and music files as stored on the smartphone. A swipe based application, makes it a hands free experience that is much safer when driving.

4. Google Maps

When it comes to navigation, this is the app that always comes in mind first. This is mostly due to its prowess in assisting the driver navigates with ease. This is an app that is available to android users with its main benefit being that you can use it anywhere in the world and not only in the UK. The app provides maps in 3-D for easier identification of places. It also allows you to calculate routes, directions as well as travel time. It even goes as far as plan out public transport for you.

5. Car Mode

This is one of the simplest Android driving apps available. This is an app that automatically puts all calls, be they in-coming or outgoing, on loud speaker mode. This means that you do not have to fidget with keys on your smartphone to be able to do this making it the safest way of receiving calls while driving. All you need to do is dock your smartphone on a provided device dock.

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