3 Signs You Are An Animal Lover

Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Quite a lot of families have dogs and cats as pets, some even keep snakes exotic birds. But what is it to really love and care for animals? Do you simply adore them as good companions, or would you make an effort to rescue an animal in need?

Taking care and helping out animals is actually a good way of getting to know new people. When you are an animal lover, you can feel the joy of feeding or caring for them during times of crisis. Not everybody would be willing to give time and resources to help animals or to simply give them company.

Here are 3 signs to know if you are an animal lover:

1. Joining an animal shelter and becoming a vegetarian: When you are keen on joining an animal clinic, local animal shelter or becoming a dog walker consider yourself to be an animal lover. Animal lovers also like starting themed club at their schools. This helps them to meet others like them and form a group. You might feel against consuming meat, as this will contradict with your love for animals.

2. Being nice to people and rescuing an animal on your own: You start being nice to other people and loving animals, as people always judge you for loving these animals. When you feel like rescuing a nice dog or a cat from the local rescue, or you go to an animal shelter to demand for baby animals which are plenty in number in shelters and a few of them are even being put down as there is no room to take in anymore. You do not support the exotic pet trade as animals are not meant to live in cages and suffer after coming to you. This is because many of them live longer when they are in wild than when they are being put in to cages.

3. Taking care of the animals feeling: It is essential to take care of the animal’s feelings. You might like to decorate your pet with clothes that are cute but you avoid something that contains fur, snake skin or leather. You might also own a couple of t-shirts with animal picture’s on them. You might hurt your pet’s feelings accidentally which might cause you deep trouble. You might also encourage the pet owners not to hurt their feelings and stop abusing them. These are the few signs of being an animal lover.

You can visit one of the many animal shelters in UK and offer them your assistance. If you are new to the city, you can get in touch with an eirann contact to find your way around with ease.

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