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We Know You’ve Got Her Phone Number: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Propose On Phone

Statistics have shown that approximately 6% of the men do propose over the phone. Is it because you have the phone number at your disposal? There are ubiquitous reasons why some men prefer to propose over the phone. However, only a few of these will hold any weight when subject to discussion. Proposing to a […]

Travelling With Pets ‒ Tips For Stress Free Travel Experience

Travelling can be stressful, more so if you are embarking the journey with your pet. If you don’t have a passport, remember to make an application for passport a few weeks before the journey while travelling overseas. It would also be a good idea to ask your preferred airline for their policies on transportation of […]

3 Things to Do in Spain

It is never been easy to write only the top three things to do in a particular country; it would be quite difficult if it is one of the Europe’s most charming and exotic nations. Spain is famed for its football clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona FC named after its two major cities), its bullfighting (sport?), […]

Battle Those Wrinkles

Natural Beauty

Life is often hard for older women, there is a constant battle in our society to stay looking younger for longer, and most of that pressure seems to be on women. According to the LA Times Between 2009-2010 the amount of women receiving face lifts went up “14% to 10,903 performed” And that number is […]

First Impressions Count; Get Your Business Card Design Right.

What is a business card? In the 19th century it became popular for ladies in higher societies to have a calling card. When visiting someone the Lady would hand over her calling card to the manservant who then delivered it to the Lady of the house for her consideration. If the card made the right […]

Your Future Prediction with Tarot Cards

Fortune telling has been in practice since several decades and its existence dates back to 18th century. It is a practice of predicting a person’s present and future life. But fortune telling with tarot cards is something that has become very popular because of the growing number of people who believe it to be accurate. […]